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We Have been fighting the irs for 30 years. we know a thing or two about the IRS.

Not all IRS agents are well versed in tax law and some agents are totally ignorant of certain statutes. If you are an unlucky soul being audited by a misinformed IRS agent you could wind up paying boatloads of money just because an IRS agent decided you should.

A couple of years ago, I received a phone call from a distressed business owner. He was being audited and pushed around by the IRS agent auditing him. It looked like he was going to have to pay a tremendous amount of unexpected tax fees. I agreed to help him out and attended the IRS audit as his new CPA. I listened to the IRS agent challenge my client’s tax return and I realized the agent was altering the tax law.

We got into a heated argument as the IRS agent could not see his mistake. The IRS agent wasn’t being malicious, he flat out didn’t know the tax law and was operating off incorrect information which he was using to attack my client. I demanded the IRS agent get me a copy of the Treasury Regulations. I found the exact line of tax law that applied to my client's situation and read it to the IRS agent.

The IRS agent didn’t know what to do. I told him to go check with another agent to see if I was right if he wanted to. He took the Treasury Regulations I had just read him and left the room to consult another agent. He was gone for 30 min. When he returned, he apologized to my client for his mistake. My client was given a no-change audit (an audit in which you have substantiated all of the items being reviewed and results in no changes) and didn’t have to pay any additional fees.

If my client didn’t call me for help, he could have potentially had to pay the IRS tens of thousands of dollars all because a random agent didn’t know the tax law. After dealing with the IRS for over 30 years, I can tell you the IRS doesn’t always know the tax law.

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I received a nasty message saying I owed the IRS over $11,000 from my tax return. I hit the panic button. Did some research to find a reputable CPA and found Holmes & Associates. They completely took care of the situation, found some missing information in my return and now the IRS is paying me! They do good, professional business here.
— M.C

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