Small Business Bookkeeping, Payroll Services, QuickBooks, Bank Reconciliation…we are your one stop shop for bookkeeping services.

Generally, CPA firms bring to mind services such as Tax Planning, Tax Return Preparation and Financial Statements. Holmes & Associates, CPAs offers all these but also provides small business bookkeeping and payroll services.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small business owner, franchise owner with multiple locations, or running a non-profit; we will be an asset for you. You will collaborate with our CPAs who will be your bookkeepers and accountants. All your financials will be regularly monitored and streamlined for efficiency. You will be able to access your company’s complete financial picture in the palm of your hand at any given moment.

Running a business while also having to deal with bookkeeping, payroll and bank reconciliations can be a nightmare and most people get it wrong. Using our tailored bookkeeping services, all you need to do is upload your data to us; we take care of all of it so you can focus on expanding your business. We will do a complete analysis of your books and offer a tailored made bookkeeping service that fits your needs.

Our CPA firm is expert in all types of small business bookkeeping services such as:

Financial Statement Preparation:

Often called “write-up,” this is when checks, receipts and invoices have already been written and collected. Our bookkeeping service logs this data into an easy to read electronic record, generating accurate financial statements.

Transaction Processing:

We handle the processing of transactions like issuing invoices, check payments and payroll services.

Outsourced CFO and Controller Services:

You will have access to our seasoned team of CPAs who will meet with you regularly to review financial performance and provide proven strategies.

Highlighted Bookkeeping Services:

  • Bookkeeping (remote and on-site)

  • Payroll services, reporting, and tax return filings

  • Sales and use tax returns

  • Personal property tax returns

  • Client staff training and development

  • Accounting policies and procedures

  • Outsource controller/accounting manager

  • Compilations of financial statements: cash and accrual

  • Close out monthly/yearly journals

  • Monthly bank reconciliation statements for management

  • Business management

  • Insurance review and analysis

QuickBooks Pro Advisors:

Many of our accountants become QuickBooks Pro Advisors for two reasons. One, it ensures that they understand the intricacies of QuickBooks. Two, most of our small business clients use QuickBooks, so we need to be expert in its use. Essentially, the high use of the QuickBooks software by small business clients demands that we do the professional training to become fully competent.

The QuickBooks Pro Advisor program is a professional training program delivered by the makers of QuickBooks (Intuit) and is used by many professionals to better understand the intricacies of the software. QuickBooks is a relatively simple accounting system, but if you do not fully understand it, then you can get into a lot of trouble pretty quickly. So we invest our time and money training our accountants as QuickBooks Pro Advisors.

Bank Reconciliations:

There are many confusions about what a bank reconciliation is and how it should be done. If you get it wrong, you could be in hot water in the event of an IRS Audit. We make sure your bank reconciliations are done to the IRS standards.

The majority of our clients come to us with bank reconciliations that have been botched by previous accountants or bookkeepers. Our CPA firm is expert in quickly correcting these common errors. A bank reconciliation is a proof of cash in a sense and when done correctly helps to establish that the business is doing what is needed to record all the income and expenses of the business. So it is an important procedure to do correctly and be prepared for any IRS audit.

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Free Tax Analysis and Consultation

Holmes & Associates, CPAs offers a Free Tax Return Analysis. This is a fast, but thorough process where we go through the financial health of your small business and financials. Our CPAs look at your books, tax write offs, tax deductions, financial statements and in less than hour we will have a full report on how you can increase your bottom line and save money.

This is a totally FREE service. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by letting our CPA firm analyze your small business. 

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