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Holmes & Associates, CPAs was founded in 1986 by Larry Holmes. We are a full-service CPA firm in Long Beach, specializing in small business accounting. Our goal is to deliver beyond your expectations and help your bottom-line results. Our CPA firm boasts a professional tax team of CPAs with over 100 years of combined experience in tax services, tax law, and accounting.

Holmes & Associates was built on the principle of customer service and understanding. Many CPA firms will charge large fees and throw technical jargon around resulting in confusion and mistakes. We don’t do either. Our tax office will give you simple tax solutions and tax planning tailored for your specific needs. 

We offer a plethora of services to meet all your personal and small businesses accounting needs: Handling tax write-offs, financial statements, tax deductions, tax credits, pension planning, succession planning, and Solo 401ks to name a few. Below are a few examples of the different accounting services our CPA firm offers.

Small Business Accounting:


After getting his Master in Business Taxation from USC, Larry Holmes started out working for one of the top accounting tax offices in the world, Ernst and Young. While there, he became an expert in premium and exclusive tax services that were only available to big corporations. After mastering his skills as a CPA, Larry set out on his own and started a tax office built for small businesses. All the premium and exclusive tax services that were only available to the elite are now accessible through Holmes & Associates, CPAs.

Tax Write Offs:

We are highly experienced in finding tax write offs for small businesses.  Tax write offs help to reduce the amount of taxes that you pay. Many small business need help in identifying what they can write off.  We make the process simple for you and help to legally maximize what you can write off. 

We offer a free tax consultation and can tell you within one hour how you are paying more in taxes than you should. The bottom line is that 90% of the small businesses we review are missing tax write offs because they aren’t aware of the legal loopholes the government will allow them to take advantage of.

Financial Statements:

We prepare financial statements that are simple to read and assist in the preparation of your tax returns.  We offer Reviews, Compilations and Financial Statement Preparation services.  

We offer a free tax consultation and can tell you rapidly which level of financial statement service is best for you or your small business. Not all financial statement services are the same.  The correct choice can go a long way in helping the financial health of your small business. 

Tax Credits:

Tax credits are better than tax deductions.  They reduce your taxes by more than a tax deduction, so you want to claim these valuable goodies whenever you can.

We are experts at a variety of Tax Credits.  Research and Development credits can create big tax savings and we know how to legally maximize them for you.  We also do energy tax credits (like solar energy installations), hiring credits, health insurance tax credits, pension plan tax credits, educational tax credits, adoption tax credits, the new saver’s tax credit, earned income tax credits, foreign tax credits, enterprise zone tax credits, child tax credits, disability access tax credits, rehabilitation tax credits, and childcare facilities and services tax credits....just to name a few.

Small business accounting is most successful when it is done thoroughly and with great attention to detail. Our CPAs will look at your small business from top to bottom. When we are done with our analysis, there won’t be anything we don’t understand about your financials. Most tax offices perform a quick, cookie-cutter review and slap together a perfectly legal but non-optimum tax plan. Holmes & Associates, CPAs takes great pride in over the top small business accounting and every tax credit, tax write off and tax deduction you could possibly benefit from will be woven into your return.

Pensions & Retirement Planning:

Our CPA firm works directly with pension design professionals to help you select the perfect retirement plan for you.  Pension and retirement planning is important to both high net worth individuals and to everyday working people. The tax law allows for simple retirement plans like IRAs and Roth IRAs as well as more advanced pension plans that allow business owners to shelter their income.

 In today’s world, retirement planning isn’t just done through IRAs and qualified pension plans.  There are many other types of pension and retirement opportunities that are available to you. Real estate investments can be a terrific retirement planning opportunity.  Life insurance can work well too for retirement planning. Financial assets of all kinds exist today that work to help with retirement planning. We help guide you through all these opportunities and get the best retirement and pension plan solutions that fit your specific desires. 

Holmes & Associates, CPAs stands out from the pack of tax offices as one of the few full-service CPA firms that not only takes care of your business but also all your pension and retirement needs. Our accounting services see to it that your future retirement and pension are woven into the present financial growth of your business.

Solo 401k: 

Many small business owners don’t have any employees other than themselves and maybe a spouse. There is a Solo 401K opportunity for such people that fits many of these small business people. We can help you set up a Solo 401K and calculate the annual contribution that you can make. The Solo 401k is an often overlooked opportunity and our CPAs can tell you whether or not it's a good fit.  

Succession Planning:

Succession planning is what you plan for the future when you want to leave the business.  Can you sell the business to your employees (an ESOP might work here)? Are you going to sell the business to a bigger company (how do you maximize the after-tax money you will get from the sale)?  Maybe you want to pass the business to your children or other business partners. 

Our CPAs will walk you through the various tax ramifications to all these strategies. Most tax offices will have a simple outline which they use for succession planning, but we tailor our approach to the specific financial position of the small business we are handling. 

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Free Tax Analysis and Consultation

Holmes & Associates, CPAs offers a Free Tax Return Analysis. This is a fast, but thorough process where we go through the financial health of your small business and financials. Our CPAs look at your books, tax write offs, tax deductions, financial statements and in less than hour we will have a full report on how you can increase your bottom line and save money.

This is a totally FREE service. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by letting our CPA firm analyze your small business. 

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