Tax Preparation

We prepare your individual and business tax returns accurately and with the lowest possible tax (legally).  Our CPAs go about tax preparation by taking the burden off your shoulders.  We handle S Corps, C Corps, partnerships, LLCs, trusts, multi-state, and individual income tax returns.  We also prepare payroll, sales tax, excise tax, and department of labor tax returns. Our Tax Preparation Services are the gold standard and our clients swear by our accuracy, transparency and professionalism.

Highlighted Tax Preparation Services:   

Tax Preparation
  • Online tax preparation:  Our Online Tax NoteBook makes it simple to securely upload your information.  Just login and send us your data electronically.  Extremely efficient!

  • Corporate Tax:  We take care of both C Corps (Form 1120) and S Corps (Form 1120S).  Our CPAs can of course take of all State corporate income tax returns as well. If you have multiple corporations owned by a common parent corporation we can consolidate tax returns for efficiency.

Tax Write Offs:

Our CPAs figure out what the best tax write offs are for you and we work hard to get them for you legally. Not everyone knows what tax write offs they can take on their tax returns, but we do know. Our thorough tax preparation services ensure that no tax write offs are missed.

Learn more about Holmes & Associates, CPAs:

Holmes & Associates, CPAs has been in business for over 40 years and boast an elite team of tax professionals. Click HERE to learn about Long Beach’s Best CPA firm.

Free Tax Analysis and Consultation

Holmes & Associates, CPAs offers a Free Tax Return Analysis. This is a fast, but thorough process where we go through the financial health of your small business and financials. Our CPAs look at your books, tax write offs, tax deductions, financial statements and in less than hour we will have a full report on how you can increase your bottom line and save money.

This is a totally FREE service. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by letting our CPA firm analyze your small business. 

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